Windows 7 Install Driver

I am running Windows 7 64 bit and cant get the driver installed.
I never get the option when plugging in the NANO to install a driver.
Trying to install via the inf gives me an error about no drivers for this system.
Simply copying the .sys file to \windows\syste32\drivers has no effect
The demo program shows all blanks in the device list.

Any suggestions ???

For Dfuse driver, it supports Windows 98SE, Millennium, 2000, XP or VISTA for now according to ST documentation. We have tested under windows 7 under 32 bit and working fine. Maybe you could try compatible mode?


The first problem is I cant get the driver installed … The system isnt asking for a driver when I plug in the USB. It is recognizing the microSD and opens that fine, but there are no devices at all in the Device Manager I can find to manually install.
There is no compatibility mode for installing drivers.

Is there any suggestions for manually installing the driver ? I copied the .sys file to \windows\system32\drivers but it didnt do any good.

I also tried in the XP Virtual Machine but same problem.


You may try this: Before you plug the usb to you pc, keep pressing the Down Key, and after it is connected,leave it.

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