Windows 10 IoT


Has anyone managed to get the V2 to work on a PI running on windows 10 IoT. I can see it in the drivers list and I can record from it but I just get static noise. If I plug speakers into it, it plays the audio back fine ( I know its recording noise as I get the same sounds if I copy the file to my pc and play it back on there). If I run the same software on my pc it records and plays fine.



Hi Stephen,

We do not test it on win10 iot yet. maybe other people have the experience with the win10 iot. thanks.


Did anything change with this one. I am trying to use this along with Windows 10 IOT on a Pi not able to extract the voice from the mic. Speakers are working fine.

Hi there,

I used the code and tested it successfully. thanks.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … bcamApp/CS”></LINK_TEXT>