Windows 10 GPIO access x86j4125

I am trying to get access to the GPIO (RPI 40pin) on the x86j4125 under Windows 10 Ent. (which came with the board), but am having trouble accessing it. It looks like the board can be programmed in Linux, but i would rather use Windows. I am using VS2019 and found that system.device.gpio does not map.

I’ve read other forum threads on the subject, and there was interesting discussion, including the use of the RHPROXY. But it doesn’t look like the proxy is installed into the registry. From what I’ve read, it’s not just a simple process. But surely someone has figured it out? We know the hardware is capable.

None of the other threads look like they were complete. There was interesting discussion, but then no resolution in the end. Can anyone point to a process or solution?