Windcell for outdoor Arduino project?

Anyone out there build a Windcell Maker Kit? ( … ?cPath=155) I am in the process of designing an automated Mailbox with sensors and movement. Disposable batteries would need to be replaced and maintained, so a rechargeable option would be desirable. Solar or a traditional wind turbine were options, but I like the innovation behind the Windcell technology. How much power could I expect from such a unit? Are there any special considerations in converting the power into a clean DC current for powering batteries or electronics?

You may refer here:

I’ve been through the FAQ on Humdinger Wind’s site, as well as the instructions and wiki pages on Seed Studio, and found them both lacking in detailed information on the generator.

I am tempted to purchase the device, build it, and update the wiki some basic information. Basic information like what kinds of voltages/current can be expected at certain wind levels, basic circuits for usage, etc.

Maybe you can write an email to the designer :slight_smile: