will Seeed panelize my order?

When I buy the 10, 50 or 100 pcb option will they automatically panelize my order?

Say for example I submit a single pcb design that is 20mm x 110mm. Usually I want this to become a 1x10 panel with dual 10mm rails and fiducials so I can load it into a pick and place machine.

Is it possible to get this done? If so, will they send me the gerber files of the panelized version for confirmation and so I can program the machine?

If this is all beyond their prototyping services then I would love to find a place with the same turnaround time and shipping costs that will produce quantities of about 150-200 pcbs that are panellized is small sets (and v-scoring)

We can offer the service, but the minimal quantity is 50 pcs. Please leave a note on your order.