Wildcat 4.4 user guide

Hi everybody,

I recently bought a 203 DSO and loaded Wildcat 4.4. Seems to work perfectly. But the user guide is a bit older (revision 3.3). Is there an up-to-date guide or some “change logs” where I can find the newly added functionalities? (Find some of them but a lot are missing), will be very happy if one can help.

By the way; someone wrote about a 4.5 version is it hoax or true?

Thanks in advance,

V4.5 (which includes manual) can be found here:



Appreciate, thank you very much. Just what I was looking for. :smiley:

This is going to be a less then stellar question but in simple terms “how do I adjust the YPOS on channel A”? I have looked thou the quick start and for the life of me I cant find the way to it. I’ve been pretty much random button pushing but did have the good sense to save an almost correct configuration. Thanks. :unamused:

With the menu on Ch A, press button 3 (menu item select) until Ypos indicator at bottom left flashes, adjust with left toggle.

EDIT: Ooops, meant press BUTTON 4. Button 3 is meter selection. Was late at night when I responded to this…

Is it possible install WildCat on another button? Or keep original application on another button?

I have accustomed to original app, but i’d like to use WildCat, so for the first time i’d like to have them both on my device.

Thank You!

Not really possible as these main scope apps use multiple slots. Standard one uses 2 and Wildcat uses 3.

Just upgrade to Wildcat; you can always reflash the standard one back.

However Wildcat is simple to use and you’ll never use the standard one again!