Wildcat 4.0 .CFG err

Wildcat 4.0 is working flawlessly except when saving .CFG for any other than 000.CFG? I was under impression that you could create other config files and load them in the program. I’ve formatted the disk but it just keeps getting ERR when trying to save 001.CFG or other than 000.CFG. No other problems on saving or loading .BMP, .BUF or .DAT. Would be nice to have those presets working.

I have hardware version 2.70 and get the same CFG save error when trying to use SYS 1.60 or SYS 1.61. So I run SYS 1.52 and the save works every time.

The program will not save the extra config files (#1 to #9) unless a copy of them already exists.
This is done on purpose to provide a work around fix for early devices that had problems with
file corruption.

This is explained in the user guide under “file functions - saving multiple config files”

For these early devices (prior to SYS V1.60 and the 8MB drives) the Alterbios patch fixes the
corruption problem and this “work around” would not be necessary, however, since loading a
corrupt config file could cause the program to malfunction, the condition that files already exist
has been retained for compatibility with early devices without the patch.

Make sure these files already have been created. If not, simply copy 9 instances of the WPT file,
and rename them CONF001.CFG though CONF009.CFG.

This needs to be done on all machines, regardless of version.

SYS 1.60 and up were designed to work with hardware V2.72 and up with 8MB drives.

SYS 1.52 should not be used with hardware 2.72 (and up) It’s important to use the correct SYS file
for the hardware version you have, unless you know exactly what you are doing.