Wiki wrong! - Temp and Humidity module


As a beginner, it’s very frustrating when the suppliers own tutorials are completely and utterly incorrect! Please check them. For instance, the temp and humidity module wiki page clearly shows you connected to A0 and also instructs you to connect the sensor to A0. It is of course a digital sernsor that given the code example should be connected to D2 on the grove shield! I found issues with the dust sensor wiki page as well.

No wonder you get some many issues with beginners not able to get your sensors to work!

Hey @pjs.guernsey,

Sorry for the confusion caused. I already passed this suggestion to our product team and they will update it as soon as possible. Furthermore, I will notify our R&D team seriously check the documentation before publish it in future.

Thanks for your suggestion!

Leslie Liao

The libraries of Grove- Temperature and Humidity Sensor are different from Grove- Temperature and Humidity Sensor pro. Later one has used D2,but the previous one has used A0. You can download the libraries of Grove- Temperature and Humidity Sensor from github :

And, Dust Sensor used D8,and only can use D8.

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