Wiki Page needs an update

Hi, The has some now inaccurate information on it that you might want to update.

About 5/8ths of the way down the page, there is a not in a blue box that is a tip which states the following:

Tip Please note that some kind of solid state relays support DC loads, but all the solid state relays currently sold by Seeed do not support D.C. load.

This statement is no longer true… Grove - Optocoupler Relay SKU 101020603 $5.95 using the M281 1623 chip supports 60VAC/DC @ 1A with 0.5 ohm On-resistance using a 3.3/5V 3mA control signal. You might want to update this wiki page. You might also want to update all of your other relay pages to include a link to this relay after the comments on those pages that say they do not support DC loads.