wifiBee hibernate mode

This is a great module, but if you can hibernate is almost unusable … I use it with seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_-_XBee_Carrier
but energy expenditure is important …
I saw on the Microchip documentation that is possible, but can not find code or anyone who has gotten … Can you help?

Hello, is anybody there? is this the support forum?

hey , you can upload demo to Wifi bee directly(Wishield library from our wiki) , the Xbee carrier is just a convertor , you don’t need any setting for this carrier.

What kind of answer is that?
Do you understand what I mean? I think not … :blush:

Consumption is very high. If not programmed to hibernate, the battery will be dead in less than an hour …
Any idea on how to make the module to hibernate?

since I am looking for information on the same: is there a way to turn off or powersave wifi module on the wifi bee (to save power) and then power it on to send information when needed (for example every ~5 minutes) ?

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Doing some research of my own… I think pulling the pin pd4 high would set the wifi-chip in hibernate mode

I’ll see if I have time to try it out during the weekend, unsure if you will need to reinit the wifi after going out of hibernate

I would also recommend using github.com/CapnBry/WiShield_user_contrib (or one if it’s forks) since it has a few bugfixes and a nifty feature of using a precalculated wpa-key which saves some time from power on until network connection

It’s been a bit of a busy weekend… started to play with my code yesterday… setting the digital pin 4 high will make the wifi bee unreachable over the network, though the wifi link lamp still shines blue… My current project is set up as a webserver so I am thinking to rewrite it to push data over udp instead and then I can better compare battery life between having the pin low all the time version going into ‘powersave’ mode between updates

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