Wifi/WiFly Shield LEDs keep flashing, board doesn't react

Hi guys, this is pretty urgend (as we are sitting at a hackday and planned to hack through the night) - Could you please tell me: What does it mean when both LEDs are blinking simultaneously? Shield was working fine for hours, but now the Shield does not communicate with the arduino anymore (tried 3 different ones). Is there a way to do a hardware factory reset or something? Or ist it broken?

Normal factory RESET code doesn’t work…

I now got ERR-Messages:

AP mode as lambada on chan 11
Listen on 2000
CRASH #=7,4000ff3c
wifly-EZX Ver 4.00.1, Apr 19 2013 11:47:16 on RN-171

this comes as a loop…

it has been said on our wiki:

Status indicators illustration:

  1. Two LEDs will blink alternately when no connection exists.
  2. After connected to router, The Connected over TCP Status Indicator will turn off and the Association to AP status Indicator will blink.
  3. After connected to router and TCP Sever, the Association to AP status Indicator will always be on.

So,you mean all of demos from the library can’t work with your Arduino?

And what the demo you have used for hours? How did those errors happen ?