Wifi Uart V2 Seeed AT command list?

Does the seeed AT command set have an LED on off command? All the references are to the ESP commands. Which pdf file is it in?

Hi there, which led do you mean? there are 2 leds on board. one is power, can not config, the other is tx, which is connected to gpio2. we used as tx indicator. thanks.

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The Grove WiFi Uart Specification on this web site states:

" 2x additional AT commands to control blue Link LED."

and I remember seeing this somewhere, but the Seeed doc links seem to point to the ESP doc links.

Where are the Seeed docs for the Grove Wifi Uart V2 AT Commands? Thanks!

Hi there,

Do you mean the below commands? it is for v1.0 and does not work for v2.0. thanks.

Command Description

AT+LEDON Turn the blue LINK led on

AT+LEDOFF Turn the blue LINK led off

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Hi Bill. Twice I have asked where the docs are for the Wifi Uart V2 AT commands. Your reply says that the spec on the website refers to a previous release. Can we add a subforum in Grove for the WifiUart V2 modules that has links to the latest version of the sw and docs and command summary? I’d also like to see more examples rather than the ESP 4b examples. Is there a ‘roadmap’ for upcoming release of improved capabilities for this grove module?