Wifi Uart 1.0 & Grove shield


am trying to setup the Grove Wifi Uart module with an Arduino Uno + Grove shield without success. I tried all the code mentioned in this post <URL url="https://forum7.seeedstudio.com/t/grove-wifi-1-arduino-at-commands/5838/1 text=“viewtopic.php?f=17&t=7737&p=26752&hilit … 6ca#p26752”>https://forum7.seeedstudio.com/t/grove-wifi-1-arduino-at-commands/5838/1

The wifi module red light never turns on (except if I press it for a while for entering uart mode). I tried both connecting to the uart port and the D1-4 connectors.

can you please let me know how to fix this issue?


I assume the uno serial port goes to your pc and a software uart goes to the wifi. I also assume you want to run a terminal program on the uno that sends your typed AT commands and the required CRLF. Once you can type AT crlf and see OK you are OnTheWay. What speed are you using with the two uarts? 9600? 38400? 115200?

baud rate is set to 115200, i was able to get some garbage characters and run some AT commands, getting back some text full of mistakes like this



WIFI DI⸮⸮⸮ʪ⸮(UH⸮

ets J`n 8 2013,r.⸮⸮͕⸮bAT+C-"WIFI CONNFCTED



IP address…




I see the esp chip is connected to the router though.

PS : is there a way to program directly the ESP even while connected to an Arduino ? I found some examples but all use ESP8266 natively

When you send the reset command, the 8266 send out 3 or 4 lines of schtuff at a nonstandard baudrate for some reason. I know no one uses the AT commands, but if you project is simple, they might be good enough. Can you describe what your project does?

the idea is to send some sensors data to AWS IoT.

So far I was only able to use AT commands using the Serial libraries, is there any other standard ESP8266 librbary can use to avoid using at commands?

Have an idea of how many bytes from the sensor and how often you need to send? The wifi uart docs dont say how big a payload you can send in a udp packet for example. It would be about 1400 bytes on ethenet. Thats the Max Transmission Unit MTU. I’ve read msgs on the esp8266 forums that the esp program loops every 20ms. Maybe someone can post a link to this spec? If you had a micro with two hardware uarts that could run at 230400 or 460800 bps, you could read in 460 bytes from the wifi chip in a ms, every 20ms, about 23K bytes per sec. The computer I’m using is sold by an indie guy on tindie called leonerd. Board has a mega328pb with 2 hw uarts, 20MHz resonator. If you dont use the AT commands I guess what everyone else does is compile a c program that looks like an arduino sketch, but they have the arduino ide configured to run the 8266 compiler instead of the avr compiler. How they do this is beyond my understanding. The guy that figured this out is as far above me as I am to the ant. I’d still like a nice uptodate doc file on the at commands. I’ll let someone else explain how to run the 8266 compiler.