Wifi Shield - No IP Address

I’ve uploaded Example 4 from: seeedstudio.com/wiki/Wifi_shield_v1.2 to connect my Arduino Uno to my network and toggle LEDs over wifi. My serial monitor returns:

-ÿ--------- WIFLY Webserver --------
Join BELL983
Web server ready

I can’t tell if I’m connected (“OK”) or not (“”). What is happening?



Could you please check if myssid & mypassword are as per your router’s setting and your router is configured to assigns IP address by DHCP ?

#define SSID "myssid" #define KEY "mypassword"

Yes, they are correct - I tried intentionally using wrong values and it stalls.

I need to correct my original post, I’m loading Example 5, not 4.

I just read that is “every” ip address. I’m still not sure why the Arduino isn’t getting a proper one.

Thanks for your response.