Wifi shield: hardware factory reset


My Arduinoa 2560 Mega + WiFi started displaying periodically the following scan messages:

SCAN:Found 5
Num SSID Ch RSSI Sec MAC Address Suites
1 mau 06 -67 WEP xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx
2 Oak 06 -76 WEP 10:6f:3f:0f:72:07 3104
3 Oak 11 -52 WEP 10:6f:3f:0f:98:4d 3100
4 yo 11 -76 WPAv1 00:0d:0b:36:16:73 TKIPM-TKIP 1104
5 Oak 11 -82 WEP 10:6f:3f:0f:8e:70 3100

I don’t succeed to put it properly in command mode using terminal() inside the loop(). I do receive the CMD answer after issuing a $$$ command, but this is all ---- immediately the above scan messages start being displayed.

Is it possible to do a hardware factory reset like in the RN-XV WiFly Module, where you have access to the GPIO-9 pin ? Where in the WiFi shield is it available ?

yes, you can connect the Wifi siheld via serial port. Enter command mode, sent command “factory RESET”, then sent “reboot”, the Wifi module will reset to factory. Note that the default baudrate is 9600.

Pls try software reset first.
Hardware reset is here: “From hardware, setting PIO9 high on power up arms the factory reset functional and toggling PIO9 five (5) times there after causes the configuration setting to restored to the factory reset.”
You can find GPIO9 in J15 near the reset button.


I am using the shield version 1.1 and I am in the situation that I cannot enter the command via a serial connection. Thus, I need to do a hardware reset. But I am unable to accomplish a hardware reset.

I am using the following arduino sketch to interact with the PIO9 (via digital pin 7):

void setup()
    Serial.begin(9600);//use Serial to see what is going on
    delay(2000);//wait for me to turn on the serial monitor
    Serial.println("starting ...");
    pinMode(7, OUTPUT);//interact with PIO9 via digital pin 7
    digitalWrite(7, HIGH);//arm up factory reset
   for (int i = 0; i < 5; ++i) { //toggle the PIO9 5 times
     digitalWrite(7, HIGH);
     digitalWrite(7, LOW);

void loop() { }

I have two questions regarding this sketch:

  1. Is it correct regarding the documentation "setting PIO9 high on power up arms the factory reset functional and toggling PIO9 five (5) times there after ". The RN-171 user manuel says: “make sure that GPIO9 transitions (high to low or low to high) are at least 1 second long.”

  2. Is it correct to simply connect a digital pin to the PIO9 using a wire? I just put the cable in the hole labeled with “IO9”. The hole with the label “S_1” is not connected.

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hey folks,

can you provide an arduino sketch and a wire scheme that allows for a hardware reset, please! I am stuck for a few days now and it is quite frustrating not getting any answer to my last questions.

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Have a look at http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Wifly_171_troubleshooting
If it doesn’t work, the shield may be broken.