Wifi Shield chip and board temperature


Nowadays I’m using a wifi shield from other brand and it works great but it has a copuple of problems related temperature and voltage pin…

1- the 5V PIN does not carry power so you cannot add another shield on it
2- even using 5,2V to power the arduino board and the shield through VIN, the voltage regulator which is in the wifi shield and also the wifi chip gets a quite high temparature.

I want to put all the system inside a box so the high temperatore on it could be a problem…I want to have it 24h on so…

My question is if your shield have also a voltage regulator or if it use the 5V pin to run. Also if the wifi chip gets a high temperature after many hours on.

Sumarazing… I want to know if there is any component in this shield that could be damaged after 24h/365d on if I use a 5,2 power source in the VIN.

Thank you very much in advance

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hey , our wifi shield or wifi bee has a low consumption , it has a voltage regulator within , and although the input of voltage is 5v,but the operation voltage is 3.3v. We have it worked some days,and the temperature is not very high. So the temperature is not a big problem.

Hi Jacket,

Thank you very much for your quick answer.

It seems this shield will be perfecto for my robot.

Just a couple of questions, I don’t know if you know hte answers or I will have to open a new post.

If I’m not wrong, this shield can use both serial and SPI comunication. there is a serial example in the wiki but anithing about how to use it with the SPI… maybe you could use the same libraries used for the ethernet shield

Thank you very much again


hey,we have across a problem , we can’t use any devices which using SPI port with ethernet shield. And we are looking for a solution for w5200(new ethernet).

Hi Jacket,

It just was for my curiosity, the feature I need it’s serial comunicacion so…it’s perfect to me.

I will order it :slight_smile:

thanks a lot
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