Wifi shield and ad hoc network

Hi all i’ve read the WiFlyGSX-um2.pdf and i have an Wifi Shield.

For activate the ad hoc network this document write :

To enable adhoc mode via hardware set PIO9 high (3.3V) at power up. On the RN-134 PIO9 is on the J1
jumper block. When the module powers up with PIO9 set high, the WiFly module creates an adhoc
network with the following
SSID: WiFly-GSX-XX where XX is the final two bytes of the devices MAC address
Channel: 1
IP address:

And in the shield … where is the j1 jumper ?

mmmmm i have any idea …

set wlan join 4
set wlan ssid my_adhoc_network
set wlan chan 1
set ip address
set ip netmask
set ip dhcp 0

good luck … :smiley:
If it work i update the wifi shield library and i share :smiley:

this is the library updated
By By :bulb:
WifiShield.zip (4.21 KB)

Thanks for sharing. :sunglasses: