Wifi Shield 1.1 compatibility

Hey all, a simple question from a newbie:

I bought a Wifi shield v1.1 and got it to work with Arduino UNO, now i was thinking about putting it on Arduino DUE but the wiki says:

“Arduino, Seeeduino, Arduino Mega and Seeeduino Mega compatible”

It doesn’t says if is Arduino UNO only or also Arduino DUE compatible, anyone knows if it works?

I’m quite new with those things and i dont want to burn my Arduino DUE cause of different pin voltage!

Thanks for any help, hoping my english is not too difficult to understand! :smiley:

Hi, wifi shield communicate with arduino via serial port, you can choose D0~D13 from jumper. Make sure D0~D13 in your due can set as serial port. Arduino Due port voltage is 3.3V, Wifi shield can be work in this voltage level, but the power supply of the board must be 5V.