WiFi Client connection issue

I am writing a program that will require my Wio Terminal to connect via wifi to my server and recieve then process a string
The program works well and reconnects every 5 seconds and is very similiar to the example in the Seeed_Arduino_atWiFi-master libray examples.
I also get the same error after a short run time from the
The problem is after a number of times connecting, i get this error from the WiFiClientBasic example in the library examples folder

[E] [WifiClient.cpp:200] connect(): connect on fd 0, errno 11, “No more process”

I have been unable to find out what this means and how to cure the problem
Im only sending a simple string of characters from my server which works fine with a client connected asking for data every 5 seconds, it just seems to be the Wio having the problem
Anyone any ideas?
I find it strange that the example program also does it
I have updated all the wifi libraries and the wifi firmware on th Wio
Could it be my router?

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Still having the same issues after once again going throught the wifi firmware update routine
both my own program and the example program are still failing
if have noticed that my routine and the test example both execute the data connection and transfer 10 times without error and then i get the connect error message
This remains consistent regardless of the length of the string I send and the recieve timeout i set on my server.
Also if i change the reconnect interval, either lenghtn or reduce it, it still fails after the 10th connection.
Packet sniffing on wireshark shows nothing untoward, execpt that the example program causes my server to send the string as a continuation message, whilst my own sends it as a TCP package.
Im really stuck here and no idea whats going on

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Did you ever get anywhere with this? I’m having the new problem. It looks like it is running out of file descriptors, which implies that it isn’t closing the previous one when you call .close()

Never got anywhere with it. Even the example they provide was doing it. Every time after 10 executions.
I made sure the close was in the correct place.
I still would like to solve the issue

i have the same issue. it works well only for 10 times then something wrong
i don’t know how to solve the problemQQ截图20201017214638

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Has anyone got the Wio Terminal to successfully create more than 10 connections?