WiFi board not connecting

I am having problems getting the wifi board to connect… i loaded the sketch
and followed the directions in the wiki (checked it many times) and this is the output
i get with sscom32e:

$$$set w join 0
set comm remote 0
mÈÛÖ±lÆþset w linkmon 5
set wlan auth 4
set comm idle 0
set w ssid 2WIRE518
set w phrase “password” <–my password is entered
set ip dhcp 1

this happens slowly in the window and then stops. when first plugged in or reset
the green and red led’s flash but then go out i have the shield on an arduino uno


Sorry for the late reply.

There is some wrong with your Wifi Shield connecting in router, please check if your router have connect in internet.
Dose Wifi Shiled work fine when router is set a password ?


The board has never connected and the router works fine. I have
The seeeduino Ethernet working fine and an arduino wifi working
The wifly is not connecting or attempting to it hangs and slowly gives
The return stated in the previous post. My password has nothing to do with
It. I removed it from my post

No tech support for this product! How about a refund or exchange. I have emailed and posted here with no response.


Sorry for the late reply. It is the issue of Arduino communication with Wifi Shield, please make sure that the connection way of the jumper pin is the same as picture when use sample code. Furthermore, if it still can not work fine, you could refer to the EAGLE file , and check if the solder connecting WiFly RN-171 to TX/RX pin is right.