wifi bee + wireless sd shield + arduino uno

I’m tried to program wifi bee through wireless sd shield and arduino uno.

But failed. So I have next questions:

Wifi bee can be programmed through wireless sd shield?
If yes, what is proper way to do this?


What I’m do already:
I’m tried compile code for atmega328 and upload it In mode usb on wirless sd shield.
On this step everything ok.
But looks like I’m program only chip on arduino board, and wifi bee seems like not be programmed.
Can anybody say what I miss?

What is proper way to check the uploading results on wifi bee?
There is an simple example of wifi diode blinker?

Hello ,
Sorry for the late response .
Wifi bee can not be programmed through wireless sd shield.You you need a Programmer like Grove - XBee Carrier .
About the simple example ,you can refer to the our wiki webpage of this module . Thanks `


Thank you very much!

Yes. I’m already do as you say, found a “Solar Kit” with the “Grove - XBee Carrier”.
Everything works just perfekt!