Wifi Bee v2.0 + Grove - XBee Carrier

Hi Seeed staff!

Simple question: is it possible to use the Grove XBee Carrier with the new Wifi Bee v2 standalone AND use the two grove connectors with e.g. a vibration motor and a buzzer?

I know that with the RN171 it is possible to gather and transmit sensor data but are the sensor pins linked with the bee socket?


Ok I figured out, it wasn’t possible. So I bought two pieces of the old Wifi Bee V1 with an Atmega328P. The I2P port on my Grove XBee Carrier works just fine but the IO port doesn’t. Whatever I do, the PD5 pin won’t get HIGH.

Nothing is broken, because I have two XBee Carrier and two Wifi Bees with the same result.

In this sample code, the I2P yellow wire is 3,2V but the IO yellow wire always stays 0V. But VCC -> GND on the IO is as expected 3,3V.

void setup()
    pinMode(19, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(5, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(16, OUTPUT);
    digitalWrite(16, LOW);

void loop()
    digitalWrite(19, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(5, HIGH);
    digitalWrite(19, LOW);
    digitalWrite(5, LOW);

Please give me a hint guys!

Answering my own question:

You made a mistake in your wifi bee wiki. On the XBee Carrier the pins for PD5 and PD6 are on the wrong side. To get to the IO Port you have to use the ONLY pins PC2 and PC3 ON THE WIFI BEE which are connected to the pins PD6 and PD5 on the XBEE CARRIER.

I had to look into the Eagle files to find the problem and I’ve never before used Eagle.

Srsly guys, correct this!

hi, plidauer.

so, the pin D5,D6 could not be used? or is there a way to make it works? I want to connect 2 sensors to XBee Carrier, on I2C socket it is temp & humid sensor, and D5,D6 socket is LED or IR. Thanks

  1. HM-11 BLE BEE in Uartsbee (V4 and V5) does not respond to any AT commands (AT should return OK at 9600baud rate). Uartsbee is connected to PC and I have console open. When switching from HM-11 to Meshbee, setting 115200baud and issuing +++ returns answer to the console. So the problem is that BLE BEE is not responding. PWR led on Uartsbee is steadily on. LED with name ‘ON’ is blinking on Uartsbee.