Wifi Bee NO MAC


today I tried to connect to my new Wifi Bee. According to Wiki I need the MAC Adress of my device, so I was looking for it and didn’t find. Is there an other possibility to find out the MAC Adress?


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I got the same problem. I have bought Wifi Bee, XBee Carrier, and Temperature Sensor since 2 months ago but till now I couldn’t do anything to begin my project because I have no idea how to get the MAC Address. I have searching over the internet and also in this forum to find the solver but got nothing. In the wiki it says that we could find the MAC Address on the top of label like this :

but when I bought it it looks like what nogandr has, just like in the seeedstudio product :
in the “Question & Answer” section below the product detail there is someone already asked this question :

I wonder how to connect Wifi Bee to router in order to get the MAC Address while we have to enter the MAC Address to Access Point so the Wifi Bee could connect to router…

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Ok I just realized that MAC Address only needed if we want to give a reserved IP for Wifi Bee, to see the Wifi Bee’s MAC just upload the code as on the wiki to give IP for Wifi Bee and then use Wireshark to capture data, ping to Wifi Bee’s IP, filter to Wifi Bee’s IP and there the Wifi Bee’s MAC will be displayed…

to make the code works without error, see this

yes, and we can get the address of MAC via a router.Connect the wifi bee to a router, so we can get the address from the setting page.

Please explain how to connect wifi bee to dir 320 to get mac address???

hey ,you can find the manual on the FAQ of Wifi Bee(the back page of wiki).

even i got this wifibee .how to find ip address of wifibee? what is the ip address of wifi bee?