Wi-Fi Transfer Speeds

Hey there,

I am having an issue with the ReSpeaker Core V2.0’s Wi-Fi transfer speed performance. It appears that the ReSpeaker Core V2.0 supports wireless N, however, when I run a LAN speed test (ReSpeaker Core V2.0 to ReSpeaker Core V2.0) the transfer speeds are maxing out at around 6Mbps. I have tried the test using various network configurations, and four different Wi-Fi routers all supporting wireless N or higher. Both of the ReSpeakers are running Linux.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting or for increasing the transfer speeds?

Hi there,

I talked with hardware engineer that we do not have a good answer for it. it may be limited by the rk3229. thanks.



Hey Bill,

Thank you very much for your response. I should add that transfer speeds are close to 100 Mbps when using the Ethernet on the ReSpeaker Core v2, it’s just the Wi-Fi that we are having issue with.

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