Why not 2.5GbE NICs on Odyssey?

The CPU upgrade is brilliant, but if you want to use it as a NAS, the 1GbE are not sufficient anymore. With my NAS with HDDs I reach around 273MB/s, what wouldn’t be possible without a 2.5GbE NIC. Perhaps with the next batch and probably a J5040? :slight_smile:

We released Gen11. version, which contain 2 ports 2.5G intel NIC. I3/5/7 and also we have ecc and vpro / USB4/ thunderbolt 4 version later.:grinning:

The specs are great, but those CPUs make the board rather pricy. For a NAS the current CPU would already be enough, but probably the 2.5GbE NICS will make its way to the lower end of the series. For a NAS it’s very important to have higher speeds on the ethernet interfaces, otherwise they will always be the bottleneck.