Why my PC doesn't see the LinkIt ONE?

Yesterday when i upload a code in my linkit one the two red led starts to turn on and off! i unisinstall the driver to try to solve that problem and now the two red led are off. But my pc sees the linkit one board for a couple of seconds and than it does autmatically a reset and so it doesn’t allow me to reinstall the driver. How can i solve that problem?

Hi, please update the firmware and try again :smiley:
seeedstudio.com/wiki/LinkIt_ … are_Update

I solved the problem! :smiley: i don’t know why my pc sees the linkit one as another device called “Alcatel” so i unisinstall it and than i can install the linkit one driver in the correct way! Than the two red led start to turn on and off, as before uninstalling drivers, and when i load a blank sketch the board starts to work in the right way. thank you for your help

nice :laughing: