Why is the Wio Terminal cannot receive I2C data from translated UART on SC16IS740?

I tried to two UART devices, but Wio Terminal has only one UART port.
So I tried to implement the second UART device, on AltSoftSerial and sercom ports.

On sercom ports, the UART device(GPS receiver) is completely worked.
But when I tried to use it with I2C devices(M5Stack’s ENV 2 UNIT and TVOC/eCO2 UNIT), the UART device on sercom ports did not work.

So I found that I can translate UART to I2C on SC16IS740 ic chip.
And I bought translate board which on SC16IS740 and Grove ports(https://www.switch-science.com/catalog/6027/) when I found it.

When I made prototype on Arduino UNO(ELEGOO UNO), it works well.
So the translate board is not broken, but when I connect to Wio Terminal, the sketch(completely same as prototype) did not work.

What happened??
When I tested I2C scanner sketch, it has a response.
But I write a sketch which has to send GPS data, it dose not work(I only receive null data).