Why does TFT Touchshield 2.0 need ICSP pins?

per the wiki,
seeedstudio.com/wiki/2.8%27% … hield_v2.0

The shield is using D10,D11,D12,D13 for the SPI interface.

Why does it need the 6 ICSP connector pins hooked up as well?

I need to put a shield in between the ardo and the screen to do some gyro work… My go-between shield doesnt have the ICSP passed thru…


Hi, our TFT shield v2 is designed with Arduino or Seeeduino, and the Arduino or Seeeduino has a ICSP port, so our TFT can plug on Arduino directly, it is convenient. And our new version of shields have the same style(with a ICSP port and the same size).And if you just need a ISP port, you can use those pins only via jumprer wire except other two pins(VCC and GND).

And you can refer to schematic of TFT to find those corresponding pins(SPI) on the TFT.