Why Does LoRa-E5 AT Firmware need to rejoin every time?

I successfully joined TTN Stack V3 using OTAA. But I noticed that I need to rejoin after every time I repower the module. I am using TPL5110 timer to switch ON/OFF the whole system periodically for many reasons. Is there a way to force the module to reuse the previously obtained provisioning keys (Device address, NwkSKey, and AppSKey) which I believe are saved in the EEPROM? It is annoying to rejoin every time I power ON the module.

Hitting the same issue this side. When using the LoRa-E5 as a radio module, one would expect to switch it off when it is not in use to save battery power.

I did this experiment:

  • Power up module
  • Config keys, OTAA, EU868
  • Join
  • Send message
  • remove power
  • Power back on
  • AT

Response is:
+MSG: Please join network first␍␊

I think it is a thing that need to be fixed.

See thread: