Who can help me create an Arduino Nano PCB Ruler?


as branding for my company I would like to give a PCB ruler to participants in trainings.

A simple PCB ruler that doesn’t function, is no problem.

However, I’m thinking it would be cool if I could give working Arduino Nano clone on a 15cm ruler.

So the ruler would have following segments from one side to the other:

  1. Micro USB connector
  2. Arduino Nano components
  3. Arduino Nano inputs and output (just the round holes, no connectors)
  4. Small experiment board (round holes) to solder simple components
  5. Logo of my company

    At the back of the ruler, no components, only my company information and maybe some cheatsheet help like a table for resistor values etc. Simple things that would be used by people starting with Arduino.

    Locally I’ve found some people who can create a simple PCB ruler, maybe even create the Arduino clone in this format.

    However, nobody has experience with ordering the PCB and Assembly in China.

I can help you design this if you want.