White screen?

I’ve got my rephone assembled, but all I get on the LCD is a pure white screen when I turn it on. It did boot up to the phone screen once, but after that I was unable to get it to boot.

I haven’t been able to get the MTK firmware update tool to run and I’ve tried placing a new VXP in the folder but nothing seem to work.

OK, I managed to flash the Arduino firmware, but it just displayed the black screen. The example sketch I uploaded is outputting data to the debug port so the processor is working, but I can’t get the screen to turn on.

I pushed the original VXP that it shipped with back into the MRE folder (XadowPhoneKitV6_2_default.vxp) and I’m getting the white screen. Same result with the RePhone_Create_Kit_v6_4.vxp.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I’m wondering if the LCD is toast.

EDIT: OK, it looks like it was a bad ribbon cable. I swapped the cable out with a different one and the screen comes on, but it looks like it is missing the blue channel. I get the same results with all of the other cables. Any thoughts?

Well, the white screen generally means bad connection between the screen and the soc. Probably manufacturing error.