White screen after flashing

There was Paul 1.5 firmware in my DS0201.
I’ve flashed Official firmware APP v.2.5 but forgot the Library (DS0201_LIB_V2.21.dfu).
When I switch on device I see only white screen, If I switch it with “-” I see “Connect to USB host” screen, but when connect to usb Windows says that USB device is not recognized.
Is it possible to recover it?

And one thing - I suppose that battery is low: When I turn it on - white screen stays for several seconds and then fading
to black though USB was plugged in for several hours.

1.you may need to update the same version of .lib and .app .
2. as the battry ,you can test the battry as it fading to black. and ,if the voltage is low ,though USB was plugged in for several hours.
you may need to replace the battry

How to do this?
If I press “-” and turn on it displays “Connect to USB host”, but windows does not recognize USB device :frowning:

The problem was with battery. It was 2.6 V. I’ve charged it using external power source and after that windows successfully recognized as ST device in DFU mode.
I suppose that my DSO is not charging from USB.

a bit off subject but if you put in a 4gig flash card the screen goes white- i dont get that

Who knows why ds0201 is turned off after plugging in USB?

Mine does not so this could be related to your other issue:

You may have a hardware issue that needs fixing (candidates include the DSO itself, USB cable, PC USB port, USB Hub).

DSO Nano’s will only support standard micro SD cards (not SDHC) and so I would expect issues with anything larger than 2GB. This is also firmware dependant (the software loaded in your Nano), but I’m not aware of any version that supports SDHC cards.


ben the link picture at the bottom is what i use for a card- works fine, i formated it with my camera

I have just recieved my nano and after flashing the new app, i also had a white screen. After filling my pants, i figured it out.
First, flash the device with the LIB file. Then, flash the APP to to the device.
Fixed, now working…