Which Jst battery plug is the correct one?

Is this the correct battery plug:
seeedstudio.com/depot/JST-2- … p-649.html

I just got a whole bag of these:
ebay.de/itm/380809062681?_tr … EBIDX%3AIT

And they don’t fit :frowning:

I’n not sure if the first plug is right. But I’m sure these two type of plug you listed is different, they has defferent groove

I too would love to know which battery plug is correct, anyone?

seeedstudio.com/depot/JST-2- … p-649.html
this one is what you need

You have test second connector on WioLink board? From spec, they is same, JST female 2.0mm.

And I am sure that first connector is correct for WioLink board.