Which firmware can I use?

I’ve just ordered an ebay copy of this interesting little gadget and I’m wondering what alternative firmware it might support. The blurb suggests it is hardware v1.6 and installed with Paul’s firmware V1.5 x1.

I would also be interested to know what is the slowest sweep rate it can manage?

  • Just wondering if it might be able to watch a gadget I built with a 40 second cycle rate.

you can get all you need at :

download the lastest one is ok.

Thanks - my DSO was delivered yesterday and after a bit of a struggle with the upload software crashing on my PC, I managed to install BenF’s firmware. It works fine too.

Am I correct in my assumption that the BenF’s firmware is the better choice?

Choices are always personal. You don’t mention which version you are on but V3.61 (shown at the bottom lower right hand corner of screen during power-on) is BenF’s latest improvements. It can be found at viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1793

V3.61 is the version I have installed.

Just one more quick question about the firmware please…

I notice the BenF firmware uses two files - LIB and APP, whereas Paul’s package seems to contain just one single file. Now supposing I wanted to swap back to Paul’s software, do I just upload the one single file?

I only have experience down grading to the factory v2.5 (lib and App), maybe others have experience to answer your question.

Yes, - either version is a complete firmware replacement.

My thanks to both…

I have now swapped back to the Paul software, upgrading from the as it was supplied Paul V1.5 to Paul V1.6 - just to see how they compare with BenF’s latest version. I thought you might be interested in my brief comparison of the two…

Ben’s on screen presentation, the better use of colour especially on the calibration lines - for me is its main plus point, much easier to look for a colour on the screen than a couple of letters etc… Much worse is its handling of the USB and the micro SD card, plus files on the SD card. The firmware is also not very well documented.

Ignoring the poorer use of colour, BenF’s firmware is much more useable in all other respects and well supported by good documentation.

I have not yet tried the factory fimware.

Yesterday evening I also tested the claim that the Nano with its 700mA battery would run for 2.5 hours. I had it running for 4 hours with on the Paul software, with the battery level indicator still showing plenty of remaining life.

I too bought a DSO Nano off ebay from a hongkong based seller, reached pretty quickly.

This was also advertised as v1.6 of the hardware revision and apparently is supposed to be capable of 2Msps with a firmware update from the Paul’s v1.5 F/W that it is shipped with.

I switched to BenF v3.61 on day one itself, and although it is way better in all functionalities, the only thing which I wasn’t too happy about was the color selection of the markers for V1, V2, T1 and T2.

I was wondering if these could be changed, think I read it somewhere but did not have time after that to delve more into it.

Ben would it be possible for an update in your firmware that might help get it to a sample rate of 2 Msps and a fix for the colors. :slight_smile:

Hello mate, I’ve read somewhere that v1.6 with 2Msps has some trouble with benf’s firmware, specifically with the triger. Is that correct? Have you tested it?. Can you also post the site where you bought it? because i think those have the mcx plug. Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english

Mine works perfectly fine with BenF’s firmware v3.61 without any issues, there is no problem with the trigger.

I got it from this listing on ebay… cgi.ebay.com/2Msps-sampling-rate … 2523wt_774

Hope that helps.