Which color you prefer for the re_computer case

As we just got back from the anodizing supplier, we have made several different colors for the re_computer case except blue. The new colors are green, golden(yellow), and grey.

Which color do you like? You may also suggest other colors you want.


I like the sky blue one…will there be a mat black finish?

I like the Blue and Grey and mat finish will look great too. :yum:

Really glad you guys like it. It is great to know that mat finish is so demanding~we will consider next one version with mat finish.

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Looking forward to see matte black or dark grey

Can’t wait to buy this case! I love the blue and silver, but not very keen on the green or gold to be honest. What about a blood red colour?

I purchased a computer case, I hope it will be a blue one.

No worries, the color of first version is blue. We are now looking for ideas for the color of next version.

Thanks for your reply, the case color will be a nice option for the customer :slight_smile:

@nl.smart And you may find a little surprise when you receive. :stuck_out_tongue: Could not wait to see how you like with the case~ Do share with us :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Love the Blue, and a maroon would be nice as well. How do I get the extension or the faceplates?