where's the vin on Seeeduino Lotus

I’m excited at the simplicity of the Seeeduino Lotus and think it’s going to make some educational projects I have pretty straight forward. But I want to be able to attach a 9v (or similar) battery to it and I can’t find where.

On the wiki there’s a link to the pdf showing all the pin connections : seeedstudio.com/wiki/images/ … .0_pdf.pdf notice how pinout 25 on the board shows ‘Power’ vin - as expected on an arduino compat board. But on the board pin 25 is clearly labelled “NC”.

Anyone any ideas?


Thanks for your interest in Seeeduino Lotus. Seeeduino Lotus is geared towards beginners and avoids complexities. The idea was to provide a board for novoices to use ATMega328 with the Grove connectors and modules alone.

The schematic uses a EAGLE Seeeduino library that we use for any board whose connectors / footprint is compatible with Seeeduino. As mentioned in layout VIN is not enabled in this board.

Please use LM78L05 like fixed regulator for connecting a 9v to this board. You could also try Seeeduino 3.0 which has a connector for VIN.