Where’s the DIGITAL PROBES? They are not in Accesories and it’s been a month. I finally have a holiday off to spend with my family and I’m spending it it looking in this forum. How do we get the digital probes with our coupon?

now , it has been ready. you can get a digtal probe for free with the coupon in you hand.
seeedstudio.com/depot/digita … 64e431e615

Thanks, Hugeman! For my fellow DSO-Q owners, don’t forget to change the quantity to two (2) probes as that is what the coupon covers.

And one additional note, the lead length on the probes are very short. While I’d be the first to complain about this, they are usable with clip leads as extensions, the main thing we needed was an MCX connector that works. And finally, Seeed does deserve some credit for follow-up when they do it. God knows they’ve taken quit a beating on things that have been out of their control. Thanks again, Seeed Team!

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Ohh Yeah … Ordered mine … on thier way … Hip hop happy.