Where to send customer supplied parts

Hi, I have 2 urgent queries, no-one responds to your email support so I am trying here.

  1. Seeed made an error on and order a couple of months back and canceled it after I had paid for the order.We agreed to accept a credit voucher instead of a real refund but I have not seen the voucher. This was for around $1500 and I would urgently like to place another order. could you please sort out the voucher today.

  2. I placed an order a week or two ago and paid for expediting the order. you have asked me to supply one of the parts (SAM-M8Q). I have been asking almost every day for details on where/who/how to send these parts but have seen no response. We urgently need this PCB on time and I am getting scared that you will be waiting on the part and the order will be delayed. could you please respond with an address, name, and means to ensure that the part gets allocated to our order?