Where to find replacement transducer plate for Water Atomization Shield?


I built an automated humidifier for my vivarium using the Grove Water Atomization shield and it has been working great for the last 2 months, but now the ultrasonic transducer plate broke. :confused:

I had some buildup on it (expected when using tap water) and corrosion, so one of the cables came loose. Sadly there was no way of soldering it back together due to corrosion on the contacts and super flimsy cable.

Now I was wondering where I could buy a couple of compatible transducer plates as replacement. There’s not much info about the transducers itself on the wiki page etc and the other forum post I found regarding this didn’t help me either. :confused:

It would be really nice if you could buy the transducers without the shield as backup from your site as they seem to break so easily.

I’m so sad. My system using your shield was working so perfectly and now I’m stuck because of not being able to find a compatible replacement. ;___;

Thanks in advance for any help or tips,


Hi Alice,

Here is the datasheet, we do not have the English version. I translate the technical detail to English as below. You can check if any plate within below arrange. thanks.

On-resistance is less than 3 ohms.

Open/Short setting is less than 20K ohms

Insulation resistance:10M ohms

Rated voltage:250v

Rated current: 0.3A