where is your FAQ, and the contacts?

1: where are you, answer xxxxx
2: where do you ship from x,y z. (what warehouses ,world wide. if more than one.)
Why not show that you ship the parts from Hongkong. (so we can slip our projects a month, half joking , half crying…)
case in points:
i get a tracking number, and not one word for, of “SHIPPERS NAME” nor from WHERE?
why is that.?
and it fails to show up in your online tracking, ok , i get it, once shipped, it’s FORGOTTEN.

great site
great product line,

only 1 exception: A SIDE POINT:
but i don’t like your seeed, BT 2, card 3030P (in blue) keeping the exact chip a secret ,is not only bad, but making it IMPOSSIBLE to get accurate documents on the chip. WLS123A1m
what is that? , custom? why not SAY?
do not buy this card, but do buy a HC-05 based card and do make sure it has TTL232 serial protection (like Seeed has) or you will blow up the HC05 with 5vTTL TX driven into RX pin of HC05!

or put in the discription, this board is only good, if using 2x SEEED boards, paired, and with very poor documents , (none) on the chip used.
that is my opinion, and if there are real documents (none in your wiki solve that) please do list them, GOOGLE can’t find them.

i’d did find this paragraph ON YOUR SITE, under SHIPPING, edited

I hope my post helps others, and for planning, one can not work projects blind, and buying from this site. you will get long delays, even 1 month. my guess, HONG KONG is the shipping point.
guess #2 is these light weight parts are shipped, via, Epacket. from HongKong.
Im sure this will help , the serious buyers.