Where is the minus button?

I’ve just got the DSO nano, and wanted to conect to PC

in the user guide you describe:

Connect Oscilloscope with PC, press and hold – , switch on power, until
oscilloscope displays:
where do you find the “-” switch to hold on the DSO nano???

i have a switch with a “M”, “R/S” , left,right,up down, and a center switch

but pushing the center switch nothing is happening

while connecting to the pc the pc is asking to format the disk he found. I did NOT ,i don’t understand

I installed the STMicroelectronics software as described in the user guide
in de device manager the
STM device in DFU mode is in the usb devices list.But with a yellow triangle and the error message
.device status: This device cannot start. (Code 10)

What is wrong?

please can somebody explain me more clear

regards from Hans


Grab the online manual from:


Page 9 shows a picture of the earlier keypad labeling. From there you will see that the down arrow key was once a “-” key.

I was much happier after installing the “Paul” firmware found on this forum. There’s also other alternate firmware that just came out - haven’t tried it yet.

It’s noteworthy that the “lanyard hook” is actually where the test signal emerges. Clip your red lead on there to get some immediate results on the screen.


Thanks a lot,

Maybe good to upgrade the new user guide…and not only Firmwares…