Where is basic documentation???

Where is basic information, pinouts etc. for Seeeduino? Switch settings?

How about for other products, Electronic Bricks etc??

Am I missing this on the main site page???

Regards, Terry King …On the Red Sea at KAUST.edu.sa
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Yes, Where is the documentation? I have just recently ordered a seeeduino V328 for the sole purpose of being able to use the extra A6 and A7 analogue inputs. I was hoping to read up beforehand about how to use them using the Arduino development environment but have come up with nothing after doing a search on the internet. I joined this forum in the hope that some documentation would be available. The Hello_Seeeduino.pdf is no help… Can I simply make reference to them using the AnalogRead() function call, i.e. will AnalogRead(6) and AnalogRead(7) work…? Also, in terms of power supply can I simply provide 12v to the Vin pin as on the Arduino boards and if so, what would be the PWR switch settings?


I am using the Seeeduino V2.2 (328) as " Duemilanove 328" and it works and compiles usual stuff OK…

When I try to set “pinMode” it accepts A6 and A7 but errors on A8 and above, like this:
---------------------( COPY )--------------------------
pinMode(A5, INPUT);
pinMode(A6, INPUT);
pinMode(A7, INPUT);
// pinMode(A8, INPUT); //Causes error: (which I consider GoodNess…)
—( error: ‘A8’ was not declared in this scope )—

int a = analogRead(A7); //Compiles OK

-----------------( END COPY )----------------------
So, it APPEARS to work… I’ll check when I can that it ACTUALLY works…

AND, considering those pins as Digital (Like we can with A0 to A5 equaling Digital 14 to 18 ), this all compiles OK:
---------------------( COPY )--------------------------
pinMode(25,OUTPUT); // !!! Uh Oh, where is THAT data going?? No Error!
-----------------( END COPY )----------------------

Seeed, can you please clear this up???

Regards, Terry King …On the Red Sea at KAUST.edu.sa
Newsletter: redseainfo.info

Sorry guys, they have been absent for too long time. We are preparing the documents now by inviting freelancers, you will see them in Garden garden.seeedstudio.com/ and product page pretty soon.

Thanks for lifting the issue!

Is there a way to mod the bootloader? I can not get even the basic stuff to upload with Diecimila or Duemilanove board settings. Lights flash and that’s it. The board hangs.

I don’t know why I gave this board the benefit of the doubt. I swore I saw people using it in other forums. Is it the 328P, the new Arduino 0022, or do I have a lemon.

But honestly, a little support would be nice.

I have Seeeduino328 too. I use arduino022 software. I selected Duelimanove 328. It “just works” for me.

Mine came with the switches set in +5V, automatic reset. Check if yours are like that.