Where do i find the library and code i need

Why is it so hard to find library and code to your products. i am trying to get a grove RTC up and running with arduino, and for now I have spend the most of 4 hours, surfing the net (seedstudio, arduino.cc, mbed etc. you name it) and still nothing useful. i would expect a download section, blinking, on your site, supporting your products.
This is not what i expected from opensource products.
It might be me, being blind and all, if it is, i am sorry for the complaint and please point me in the right direction.


And i cannot upload a file with cpp extension - WTF… (sorry for my french)

Something useful are in our wiki,don’t u find that?
The following sketch demonstrates a simple application of setting the time and reading it out.
First, you should send the command “T” followed by the time you want to set through the Serial Monitor. Then you can see the current time through the Serial Monitor. The command format is as below.
/*T(00-59)(00-59)(00-23)(1-7)(01-31)(01-12)(00-99) */ which means */T(sec)(min)(hour)(dayOfWeek)(dayOfMonth)(month)(year) */ - T Sets the date of the RTC DS1307 Chip.
For example, to set the time for 02-DEC-10 @ 19:57:11 for the 3 day of the week, send this command - T1157193021210.
Demo code like :
#include “Wire.h”
#define DS1307_I2C_ADDRESS 0x68 // This is the I2C address
…more you can find on our wiki)
And if you want to upload a file,please make sure that the size of your file is zip or single (compressed files).
And u can give me more suggestion if you have any question.