Where do i buy the latest HW v2.81 in Europe?

Hello guys. I decide to buy this product since i do mostly automotive work and arduino stuff so it will serve me well being so small. I know that the specs are not so great for the price but the most important thing for me is that is pocket size so i can carry it to do field work. I have more questions but since i haven’t found anything better out there i think i’ll buy it.

I’ve been looking to source the latest HW v2.81 which has the new FPGA and 8M of flash but i haven’t found a seller that specifies it. The price here is much higher than what i find out generally at the moment plus it is from far away and i don’t want to pay extra taxes etc. Does anyone know where to buy a HW v2.81 from Europe? Preferably UK or Germany?

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Not a single reply?!?

For anyone looking the answer to my question, i finally got mine from amazon.de from a shop called SeigMal for just under 150eu. It was much cheaper to buy if you are in Germany though. But the extra shipping cost was delivered in under 48hours to UK. I could buy from China but all the sellers were unreliable, even Seeed didn’t know to answer me which hw version they had. Plus amazon has return/warranty policy.