Where can I get one?

Hello people. I am new to the forum, but not new to the world of electronic tinkering. Ive been meaning to pick myself up a oscilloscope for some time now for a couple of projects I have been planning.

I was considering a PC based DSO like the stingray, or the parallax, but this Nano looks really really nice. the 89$ price tag makes it a financial reality too. - but unfortunately, the seeed webstore doesnt have any in stock.

so when will they become available again? I desperately need one.

Also, has anyone else seen these similar models on Ebay? except for the huge price tag, they look to be virtually identical, and all sold by the same person. “Sallyboll”

is this some sort of ripoff? I’d rather not pay 250$ for a pocket scope I could get for 89$…

Looks to come from the same design. It is open source…

Interested in the screenshot with all the measurements on it. I haven’t discovered this on my own nano. Is this device using different firmware I wonder?

Price wise, I think you would be quite pleased with that price if you were unaware of the Seeedstudio offering.

It does have nicer looking probes. But they are hardly worth the difference in asking price…

without having one in hand I wouldnt know where to go for those menus…

but the second pic actually looks like it was taken directly out of the dso nano manual.

you are right, I was pretty tempted to buy one at that price before I saw the nano for 89. as nice as it is tho, I probably would have settled for one of the PC scopes for sale on ebay just because money could be better spent elsewhere.

now that Ive found the seeed site, Ive got a long list of stuf I want to buy, but I am holding off till the nano is back in stock.

so… when can I get a DSO Nano?

You did not say where you are located but NKC Electronics in the USA has about 10 DSO Nanos still left as of this posting.

Oh Sweet!! thanks for the tip man. I am in the USA after all… and I just placed my order. :smiley:

unfortunately, nkc doesnt have all the other stuf I wanted to buy, so Ill have to get that at seeedstudio. no biggie…