Where can I find the Part Number for the LDO on XIAO nRF52840?


I’ve checked all available documentation for the XIAO nRF52840 / Sense boards and the part number for the LDO regulator is nowhere to be seen. Even in the schematic, it’s just labeled U6.
I need to know the part number in order to check with the datasheet and ensure I select optimal VBAT parameters. I’d rather not take off the shielding off my boards just to find out a chip P/N.
Does anyone know what part number the LDO regulator on these boards is?

Thank you in advance!


Every other chip names are mentioned, except this one. Was it skipped deliberately?

It’d be rather silly to keep a LDO P/N a deliberate “secret”, I figure it’s just been left out by an oversight probably based on the idea that it’s “irrelevant” since the point is you’d use a rechargeable lithium cell and be done with it.
However, for those of us that intend to not use the USB port and want to power the board from standard, non-rechargeable batteries (the charging circuitry is completely bypassed if you use any battery chemistry and not use the USB port), the converter is relevant in order to find out what voltages we can use.

Current P/N is SGMICRO-SGM2040-3.3YUDH4G/TR, will be changed according the market supply.

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I see - so one should use a battery voltage of at least 3.4~3.5v for proper operation.
Thank you for the clarification!

I needed this same information about the onboard Vreg because wanted to make sure that it can handle about 10mA external circuit connected to the 3V3 pin.

Thanks a lot. Very much appreciated.