Where are .NET Gadgeteer Modules software libraries?

I bought the accelerometer, compass, and relay modules for .NET Gadgeteer, but I need the .NET Libraries. Where are they to be found?

Michael Dodaro

I also bought the gyro and accelerometer modules for the gadgeteer but without any documentation or libraries it’s impossible to use them. Please don’t sell modules without any support. I’m interested in other modules as well but without the proper support I’ll have to look elsewhere.


hi. sorry to release to driver so late. it would be released quickly this week.

Weekend is coming up! Will the drivers be released now? :slight_smile:

hi, the beta drivers have been all placed on each of bazaar, you can download them there .
also , the newest driver sourcecode can be found at : gadgeteer.codeplex.com/SourceCon … view/14050, (main\module\seeed)
later a more complete version of driver will be released. thanks.