when will black oxide case be available

i am looking for a time line as to when the dso quad black aluminum case will be available as i think this looks much better than the standard aluminum case

It isn’t the case that is the issue. It is what is inside it that you might want to stay away from. At least until there is some real progress with firmware.

shOES are for your tOES.

i have been reading through the forums, and for a hand held quad chanel scope for a quick referance it looks to be a stable product. there are complaints that i have seen but without droping a grand on something the size of a shoe box it looks like a quality build. please enlighten me as to what you think the problems might be as i am intrested on buying but not if its more problems than its worth

The QUAD had the potential of being a handy diagnostic tool.and it failed.it started as a wrist mounted DOITALL that never went into production.It was reencarnated and became a hodgeoodge of available integrated chips and swiches that did’nt work well.then a group of well meaning people, who had purchased this device(like me) dreamt of a hand held 2 trace dual digital input precision oscope.
The problem with this tale is there will probably be no happy ending.
The thing is that it’s software and who knows.