Wheel Decoder simulator feature?


DSO nano is widely used in Megasquirt scene. It would be perfect if it could simulate Crankshaft wheel decoder signal. These signals are TTL level pulse train. It is continous pulse train with a missing (one or more, some times no missing pulse) pulse as Top Dead Center marker.

If DSO nano could simulate wheel decoder with configurable frequency (RPM), configurable number of teeth (pulses) and configurable number of missing pulses, It would be perfect for DIY ECU hobbyist. :slight_smile:


I think the nano outputs already outputs 5V which could work as TTL signals, mine is at work so I can’t check the signal level right now. Anyway maybe something more generic could be suggested? How about loadable output files? It could be a simple text file in the SD card (001.OUT?) which you could write 5 5 3 50 for example in and that would mean the signal is 5 ms high (0,5 or maybe 0,05?), 5 ms low, 3 ms high, 50 ms low and then it starts over again. Would that do for you? Not sure what resolution the nano could handle but 1 ms shouldn’t be any problem I think. I guess this would stress the cpu much more then the simple (now already more advanced thanks to BenF :slight_smile: test pulse output we have now.

Best would be if I can specify duty cycle and change frequency while generating pulses (simulate engine rpm).

I think what you ask for already exist in BenF’s firmware?

Oh really!? I missed it from documentation. I have check it again.