What's the purpose of the jumper on the GPRS shield 1.2?

It just says “Jumpers / This section is a work in progress” on the Wiki.


Hi there,

It just mean -This section is an ongoing work.

So what is the purpose of the jumper. That is, why should I set it one way or the other?

Did you mean this jumpers?

Exactly! Is it to change the pin assignments? If so, which position does what?

I’d like to use the shield with a Netduino Plus on COM2 (RX on Pin 2, TX on Pin 3, RTS on Pin 7 and CTS on Pin 8), enabling CTS/RTS flow control. Is this possible? If so, how should the jumpers be set?

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Never mind; I found it. Sorry!

"…SWSerial position - that is we want GPRS_TX to be connected to D7(RX) and GPRS_RX to D8(TX) "
"…Serial Port jumpers on the GPRS Shield in Xduino position (i.e. Arduino’s RX connected to GPRS_TX and TX of Arduino connected to GPRS_RX)

Still like to know about RTS/CTS support, if anyone has this working. I’ve also found how to enable RTS/CTS through the AT command.